Apprenticeship Navigators

Apprenticeship Navigators build, connect, and grow apprenticeship programs in the region. 

In 2019, the Keystone Development Partnership (KDP) created a new Registered Apprenticeship program to train workforce professionals to assist companies and organizations with developing, maintaining, and growing apprenticeship programs. Each Navigator completes a one-year apprenticeship program, learning apprenticeship best practices and tactical strategies around this workforce solution. 

Upon completing the program, Navigators are members of the Keystone Apprenticeship Alliance, a statewide network of workforce intermediaries with the goal of expanding apprenticeships into new occupations and industries through partnerships with employers, unions, government agencies, educators, and community organizations. 

To connect with any of the below navigators, contact us. 

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For more information about the Navigator Apprenticeship, including how to apply to the program, visit KDP’s website: