Ricardo Roman


Ricardo Roman is one of the PA CareerLink® apprentices in the Apprenticeship Navigator Registered Apprenticeship (ANRA) program. Ricardo currently serves as a Job Developer with PA CareerLink® Philadelphia, where is he responsible for connecting jobseekers with employers looking for skilled talent.

Born in Philadelphia but raised in Orlando, Ricardo returned to Philadelphia at the age of 23 after working in the jewelry industry. Through his work, he discovered a passion for commercial psychology and sales which led him to study at Pennsylvania State University. Unable to find employment aligned with his desired career path, Ricardo stopped into PA CareerLink® for assistance with his resume and was made aware of an open facilitator position. After becoming a facilitator, Ricardo graduated to a Job Developer role where he now happily serves the very same community which he grew up around.

“I strongly believe [apprenticeship] is a model that really will address critical gaps with regard to education and credentials,” says Roman. “It gives people an opportunity to learn things they might never have. Apprenticeships also reduce barriers to employment, like a gap of credentials or work experience, not having proper certification, employers not giving you a chance, or a small company not being equipped to address those issues.”

As an apprentice in the ANRA program, Ricardo is studying the history of the apprenticeship model, learning the different facets of apprenticeship, and how to educate and engage employers and PA CareerLink® jobseekers about it. His studies include the tracking of the apprenticeship model’s growth over the last 30 years and learning of how misconceptions about apprenticeship were formed. By studying the apprenticeship model from its infancy to now, Ricardo is learning how he can highlight the strengths of his programs to find a best fit with potential employers. At the end of the ANRA program, Ricardo aspires to become a Project Manager with PA CareerLink® to help jobseekers discover the career pathway that will best serve them.

“I want to help [jobseekers] be a part of a prosperous economy – to break down those barriers to entry and give them the opportunity to be in a sustainable career, not just a job. It’s a benefit to have these skills and tools to take with you to benefit the organization that’s giving you an opportunity.”

Apprenticeship Success Case