Hire an Apprentice

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Apprenticeships are an employer-driven approach to creating a pipeline of diverse and knowledgeable workers. With an apprenticeship program, your team is built from the ground up. Your way. From day one.

Here are just a few benefits of creating your own apprenticeship.

Customized Skilled Workforce

Having a difficult time finding the right person? Apprenticeship is a flexible training strategy that can be built to meet the needs of every business. Every apprenticeship is different and employers get to design a model that works for them.

Reduced Turnover & Cost

Looking for loyal employees? Apprentices who completed their apprenticeships stay with the company to become employees in over 90% of reported cases. According to the US Department of Labor, the return on investment for a registered apprenticeship program is $1.46 for every $1 invested in an apprentice.

Increased Productivity

Business is all about the bottom line. Apprentices hone their skills through training and education, gaining a deeper understanding of their job which ensures a more meaningful contribution to company-wide productivity.

Talent Pipeline

The workforce is changing but the needs of businesses are not. Apprenticeship enables experienced staff to transfer knowledge to new hires through mentorship and on the job training. This model allows employers to tap a more diverse talent pool to help your business flourish.